17 Swimsuit Cover Ups to Help You Feel Good at the Pool


You guys, I have great news! You know how mind-bogglingly terrible it is to shop for swim suits? Turns out it’s proportionately as awesome to shop for swim cover ups. Pretty much every one is super-flattering and fits like a dream and since they’re designed to be flowy the pressure is off – it basically just comes down to what style makes you feel like a cool mom at the pool (hint: all of them).

So, I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorite styles – kimono, dress, jumpsuit, traditional. Some of them you could probably get away with wearing as normal clothes for a quick nip into town for a bite; others I might caution against parading around, I don’t know, In-N-Out, even if you’re really, really hungry and think that no one will mind because, hey, you have on a cover up, but then when you get home you realize just how see-through said cover up actually is and that essentially you’ve turned into the crazy lady who thinks it’s appropriate to wear a swimsuit around instead of taking three minutes to put on regular clothes. With those you might want to throw on a pair of shorts.

Traditional Cover Ups

cream crochet cover up for swimming for moms

Lace Cream Crochet Cover Up from Show Me Your Mumu

This is the perfect swim cover up, isn’t it? It offers enough coverage that you don’t feel like you’re hanging out, but you’re still obviously at the pool. The crochet detailing is fun without being overly young, and the length covers your butt but shows off your legs. Plus, it has an easy feel like a day at the beach. With a margarita. While lying on a deck chair with a magazine. Without the kids. OMG, I need this NOW.

short orange flowers cover up with lace

All Glam on Deck from ModCloth

First off, you should know this cover up is only $19.99 (50% off) so if you like it all you should probably run to ModCloth this minute. Secondly, I’d like to point out you could probably get away with running around town in this one- it offers a lot of coverage and it’d be great if you were planning on being in the sun all day. Thirdly, I’d like to mention it’s 50% off, which is an absolute steal so get going!

white striped swimsuit cover up for moms

White Striped Cover Up with Fringe from ShopNatashaCouture

Okay, it could totally be her gorgeous hair or the fact she can wear aviators without looking like Barry the Used Car Guy (which is whom I channel), but I think this cover up is totally awesome. I love the subtle stripes and the fringe at the bottom is an adorable touch, plus, it looks roomy without being boxy. Maybe I could even wear aviators if I wore it too? #lovayaBarry

lime green swim coverup with lace ribbing

Mazatlan Swim Cover Up from Francesca’s

How pretty is this cover up? The mint is a flattering color, the subtle stripes are figure flattering, and the v-neck highlighted by lace is bosom-flattering, while the longer length in back is flattering for bending over. I think you probably get my point. Flattering.

 Maxi Dress

glamour black long swim cover up from TopShop

Goddess Maxi Kaftan from Top Shop

This caftan hits all the right points for me. It’s octogenarian chic enough I’d still be wearing it when I’m 87, yet it’s sexy enough I would make a serious statement when I came out of the dressing room. A statement that includes 14 swim bags, two children, a cooler, and sweat and prayers that I can make it to our chairs without anyone making a break for it, of course. Still it is a statement…

long cover up for swimsuits with flowers

Chiffon Maxi Cover Up from Old Navy

I have a tough time wearing most maxis because I need a waistline (and a lot of maxis fall straight down), which is why I like this version from Old Navy – it has a slight cinch to highlight your curves, plus the tropical color is spot-on.

Easy Dresses

jean swim cover up

Brianne Cover Up from Francesca’s

Okay, so this is what I should have worn into In-N-Out, am I right? It’s fun and flirty, yet LOOKS LIKE CLOTHES. Taking notes for my next trip to the pool…

slip on dress for swim cover up from urban outfitters

Tiered Slip Dress from Urban Outfitters

I think if you were young and lithe and hadn’t had any babies, you might consider this a regular ole dress. For an old lady like me, this looks like the perfect cover up – easy to throw on, presentable yet roomy, and youthful without being young.

black and white swim dress for beach cover up

The Stunner Swim Cover Up by SwimZip

My sister-in-law lives in Australia and because they spend so much time at the beach she always has a myriad of perfect beach dresses (I usually have an old pair of soccer shorts, which is what we’re working to rectify here, people!). I feel like this one could easily be in her collection – you can throw it on for lunch at a restaurant and not feel out of place, yet you can pull it up and build sand castles all day in it while still looking like a hot mama.


floral jumpsuit for swimsuit coverup

Rorey Romper Rum Diaries from Show Me Your Mumu

My love of jumpsuits is well-documented so it seems strange I haven’t jumped on the romper train (the chill here in San Francisco is a big part of it). But, after seeing this one from Show Me Your Mumu, that’s all about to change. It’s so easy to wear and looks effortlessly cool, by the pool or rockin’ around town.

lace swim suit cover up from Target

Crochet Jumpsuit Cover Up from Target

I actually own this one! We hosted my son’s birthday party at the pool this year and I couldn’t abide by tromping around in just my suit, so I went for this romper. It’s very comfortable, offers a lot of coverage, and has held up fairly well. I would say it’s starting to fade a bit after a couple of washes but for $23 I’m happy with the wear I’ve gotten out of it this season.

Rash Guards

rashguard rose from Albion Fit for moms

Antigua Rash Guard from Albion Fit

I actually included this rash guard in a round-up I did last year of cute suits to wear with a post-partum body, but I had to include it again because it’s so darn cute. I honestly had no idea rash guards could be cool. Or pretty. Or really what a rash guard is used for at all, but after seeing this one, I’m sold.

white and black striped rash guard for swimming

Black and White Rash Guard from Old Navy

I like this rash guard. I feel like I would like it even better with these gold swim bottoms, but I also didn’t feel like our living room was complete until we had a disco ball clock so take my opinion as you will.


blue and green tropical kimono cover up

Floral Kimono Cover Up from Unique Vintage

Nothing says glamour quite like a kimono over your swimsuit, don’t you agree? Even if it’s only the glamour that comes from fishing out toys from the drain in the kiddie pool while your kid screams in your ear.

short pink kimono for swimsuit cover up copy

Sunburst Floral Kimono Cover Up from Top Shop

The nice thing about this cover up is it does double-duty – it glams up your suit by the pool but then you can actually also wear it in real life over shorts and a tank or with jeans when you hit the town. (There seems to be an awful lot of vacationing and town hitting in this post – I feel like my subconscious is telling all of us it’s time to go on vacation!).

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