2016's Hair and Make Up Trends + Pleather Pants + How to Wear a Hat

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You are going to probably need to sit down for this, but I have FOUR blog posts to tell you about. Count ’em, FOUR! I’ve been a busy bee over on Momtastic and have been assessing hair and make up trends and deciding if it’s possible to wear hats without looking like a nerd and compiling lists and processing data and all sorts of other things that are making my head spin with the sheer madness of it all because this is what real people do all day. OMG, get me a margarita because I need a vacation from all this fashion madness.

Without further ado, because I need a nap, here they are:

7 Hottest Make Up Trends for 2016 and How to Wear Them in the Real World
You’ll be happy to know, this season is all about natural. Not actual natural, but fashion natural, which is sort of the same thing, but more work. I promise though it’s worth it because these are really pretty trends, plus, you get to see Solange rock the perfect pink lip color.

11 Vegan Leather Pieces That Will Up Your Game Immediately
If you’ve seen me recently, I was probably wearing these pleather culottes (above where I look a bit like a drunken sailor) because they go with everything (I am also probably wearing my new fanny pack, which also makes everything infinitely cooler regardless of what my dad says). I put together 11 rock star vegan pieces that are all under $60 and easy to wear and, without a doubt, you should head over and then buy this animal print jacket because it is EPIC.

7 Hottest Hair Trends of 2016 (and 5 That Died with 2015)
Changing your hair is the fastest and easiest way to update your look (this last time my hairdresser gave me bronde highlights instead of ombre so I feel like I’m pretty much an expert on this topic :)) and this season it’s all about easy. From air-drying your locks to embracing your natural color, it’s (finally!) a year in hair for moms. Click through to see all the hair trends, including Jessica Alba’s AMAZING cut.

How to Wear a Hat Without Looking Like a Nerd
I’m obsessed with hats, but I know they can be challenging for other people to wear. I’m going to be honest, this post took me forever to write because I really tried to give actual tips to make it easier to take the plunge, things like: Do you need to do your hair when you wear a hat? And what’s the best straw hat to take on vacation? You know, burning questions!

And, just in case you missed it, to round out our fashion tips, here are my fave lipstick colors for 2016 that are all budget friendly and mom-approved. Now, do you see why I’m an exhausted pickle? Staying on top of the trends is SERIOUS WORK. I’m need some serious Frank Underwood time.

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