5 Minute Fun: Wear Holiday Glasses & Headbands

easy kid fun - wear headbands for the holidays - FabulistasToday’s post is less 5 Minute Fun and more an All Day, Make the World a Better Place post. Do you know how many of the world’s problems would be solved if everyone was required to wear holiday headbands and glasses for the month of December? Every single one of them. With the exception of spotty wifi, which seems an unsolvable conundrum.

I mean, kids in holiday glasses is a real heart stopper, but then you throw on an elf hat? I just brought all of Starbucks to their knees.

fun with kids - wear holiday gear - Fabulistas

The other unseen advantage? I’m not sure if it’s because of the extra attention or they just feel cool, but, stick a pair of snowflake sunglasses on my kids and they behave like they’re winning Santa’s Nice List.

easy fun with kids - wear holiday headbands and glasses - Fabulistasfinal

Because of this, we’ve amassed quite a collection. And, I know what you’re thinking, “Kara, how many pairs of festive head gear does one person need?” You guys, a lot. Because turns out, it’s not just the kids who think this stuff is hilarious – adults love it too. I’ll bring a collection to Christmas and EVERYONE will wear them (it always starts with an embarrassed laugh and some hemming and hawing, but by the end people will be talking very seriously about the upcoming election in their reindeer antlers, which supports my theory everyone just needs permission to have fun…).
kids fun activity with reindeer headband - Fabulistas

And these suckers are cheap! I found a bunch of them in the Target dollar bin and Michaels had a bunch of sale for $2 each. My most expensive headband is our “Happy New Year” one, which is understated and tasteful (for New Year’s wear, anyway) and came in at a whopping $6. Alice, very sweetly, has told me she’ll be very, very careful with it.
New Year headband for kids for holidays - Fabulistas
I think we should let her have it, don’t you?

I tried to find my deals online but all I could find were more expensive versions (although these blinking ones are pretty sweet) so it’s probably best to do it in person!

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