A Mountain-Inspired Board that (of course!) Includes Gold Mocassins

I’m headed home to Colorado today for a sister getaway that is bound to include lots of loud talking, a few heated arguments over whether action movies or foreign films are lamer (is it really even a debate?), and, hopefully, lots of catching up and laying around. Alice will be staying with my parents so I plan on sleeping, sleeping, and then doing a bit more sleeping.

Oh, and did I mention the sugar? My family does baked goods like it is our J-O-B. A Thursday in July and you have to take out the garbage? We really should have one of these freshly baked, cheesecake brownies to celebrate doing chores when not only is it friggin’ hot outside, but it’s the middle of the week. Oh, and how about an iced mocha to wash it all down?

I plan on bringing my maternity jeans.

We’ll be headed to the mountains, and of course, I’ve packed my hiking gear, but I think we can do a little bit better than that, don’t you agree? Plus, I know labeling gold moccasins as “essential” is bound to spark some interesting – ahem – conversations, shall we say, amongst the ladies… Happy Monday!

1. Heavenly Sweater // 2. Puh-lease read it if you haven’t // 3. Gold moccasins // 4. Rockstar purse // 5. Ridic homemade oreos  // 6. Photo genuis iPhone app // 7. I didn’t only get her a thank you card, jeez

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