About Me!

I'm Kara, a life-long devotee of fun, fashion and keeping it real.

All I want is for you to be your most authentic, confident self with a joyful life that supports it. What can I say, I like to DREAM BIG!

Our number one goal with everything we do is to help moms show up in their lives as their best and brightest selves.

Moms run this world (sorry, Bey, but it’s true) and we need you to be out there, in the world, rockin’ your bad self.

Does that mean you always have to be a sparkly ball of light? OMG, no. That sounds like a recipe for resentment, forced smiles, and slamming cupboard doors. Not that I would know anything about that. 😬

Instead, we're all about giving you the tools to be your most authentic, engaging self, whatever that looks like (I know not everyone presents their best self with sequins out the wazoo, what?!?!).

Our job here isn't to change you; it's to remind you that who you are is amazing, and enough, and exactly what we're looking for. 

Let's get  started!



My life several years ago was fine. I mean that with total sincerity. If you asked me how things were, I’d have said, “Fine,” and meant exactly that.

My relationship with my husband was not great, not terrible. I had money issues to spare, but who didn’t? I was a great mom, but felt unfulfilled creatively, which spilled over into my relationships with my kids. My health was in pretty bad shape, but not dreadful enough to require true attention.

This is not to say I didn’t often have a GREAT time – I had friends and family I laughed hard with, had moments of creative clarity, took amazing family vacations. There was a ton of good.

But, if I looked at the overall arch of my days, the meat of my life, I was going through most days feeling…fine.

And it came to my attention that I could conceivably live the rest of my days in this state. Never quite facing the reality of what was going in order to keep the status quo.

Or I could change it. 

I'll give you one guess as the road I took. 😂

It was a ton of work, but life now is completely different.

I’m connected to my life and friends and family in a way I couldn’t imagine before. I live in my body and am healthy-ish 90% of the time. I adore my kids and have a blast with them and also get time and creativity for myself. I am pursuing my goals and dreams with gusto. My husband and I have a truly great relationship, which feeds into our family life. We have time and energy and money to be generous and support causes and people we believe in.

Dude, it’s good.

And even when it’s not (because life ain’t all iced coffees and champagne), it’s still okay. When it’s messy and painful and gross, we get through it because we’re looking it in the eye instead of burying it under more junk and pretending it’s all fine.

I'm IN my life, living it as only I can.

And that's what I want for you. A life that is truly yours.

Where you show up consistently and with verve. Where you show your kids what is possible because you are your best and brightest self. Where you feel like "YEE-HAW!" more days than not. Where you roll with the punches and not lose yourself when things get hard. 


Think of me as your dream boyfriend, who will tell you what colors to wear and will unload the dishwasher without being asked. What can I say? I LIKE TO DREAM BIG.

Thanks for being here and I can't wait to enjoy this ride with you!

Kara gal?


xx. Kara

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