Adorable New Home Holiday Cards from Minted + Holiday Mindset Readjustment

New Minted house illustrations for holidays cardsThis weekend I made an executive decision and decided we’re holding off on holiday cards until Valentine’s Day (it’s technically a holiday, right?) and I’m not even feeling guilty about it. Okay, that’s a lie, but I’m not feeling very guilty about it because I feel so hugely relieved. I could feel myself starting to slip into crazy town, worrying over my to do list, when I suddenly had an epiphany: I am doing this to myself.

FINE. My husband may have gently alluded to the fact that I am the only one holding the Holiday Fun Checklist and then I may have launched into an impassioned speech regarding all the ways I’m making our lives BETTER and MORE FUN and can’t you see that if I make 7 kinds of cookies instead of a measly 6 and if I stay up until all hours of the night decorating our house when our moving boxes aren’t even put away our children will remember it for always and grow into caring people who understand THE TRUE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS?!?! OMG!!!! <Insert mild hysterics.>

That was when I thought it might be time to take some things off the list.

And it’s been great. We’re doing tons of fun stuff from our Activity Advent Calendar, which I can do during the day with the kids, and then I’m letting go of all sorts of other things. We’re skipping putting up lots of Christmas decorations because, as I said, we still have moving boxes out and when I tried to get the tree out several boxes literally fell on my head, which ended in broken glasses and a lot of self-pity. We’re not making Christmas cookies because my mom is taking care of that task when we get to Denver and I went to an epic cookie exchange so we have enough around. And, we’ve scaled way back on handmade gifts this year, which is a place where I normally go crazy, showing people the extent of my love with epic DIY projects that (hopefully) make them sob with my depth of my thoughtfulness (I like drama, people); this year, if it can’t be colored and completed while I’m doing the dishes, it ain’t happening.

I’ve always been a “more is more” person, but I’m starting to see the value of tapering down our list (and lives) to what works for us right now. We’re getting the important things done – teaching the kids about giving and love, getting into the spirit of the season with fun activities, and spending quality time with family and friends so I feel like Santa will probably forgive us for the limited cookie selection this year.

And, in the spirit of letting things go, I’m totally obsessed with this new, completely customizable holiday card line from Minted, where you can create an illustration of your house (um, perfect for someone who’s just moved!) or your kids’ art work. You don’t have to worry about getting everybody gussied up for a photo, but it’s still thoughtful and persona. Plus, they will even address them for free for you, which I’m calling it what it is – a Christmas miracle.

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