's New Line is Awesome and I'm Buying It All

Over a month ago something happened to my iPhone case (I dropped it for the millionth time, threw it in the trash, let my baby suck on it – pick three) and since then it’s been sporting this plastic dagger on one corner that gets caught on sweaters and stabs me at least fifteen times a day. I know what you’re thinking, “So, go buy a new cover and let me get back to my True Dectective, already.”

But, you see, I couldn’t. Word on the street was my personal wonderland,, was releasing a new line of products and I just knew they were going to create something so phenomenal and breathtaking I’d curse myself every time I used my phone (which is never because I’m way too busy raising children, obviously). So I waited, and thank goodness I did because now I only have to curse myself the one time when I buy pretty much everything on their site. And that, my lovelies, is what we call a win for the day.bando-favorites-sparkly-hairband-fun

Top Row: No more sweaty dollar bills! (That sounded way less weird in my head). Now when I go running I can put my coffee money in the outside pocket of my phone. Totally brill. // Have I ever told you guys that I LOVE drinking out of plastic with a straw? It’s strange and true and totally bad for me, I know. This water bottle, though, would mean I can finally lay my CU fraternity cups to rest…  // It’s my birthday in about two weeks. I love a crown. You do the math.

Middle Row: I feel like this iPad case understands me. Like I would look at it every day and think, “Finally, the universe gets where I’m coming from,” before rushing off to do many, very important things.  // A GIANT PINK GEM SPEAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bottom Row: I have a bunch of’s twist scarfs, and love how they fancy up any old outfit. This one seems somehow more grown-up, like I’d need to wear it yachting or while speaking French, don’t you agree? // Yes, I am totally on board with having fun, thank you. // Can a hair clip set an intention for the day? I’m willing to find out.

  1. Cathleya says:

    That phone case is bananas and I need it right noooowwwwww!!

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