What to Pair with Metallic Gold Kitchen Cabinets

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The thing I didn’t realize about designing a house is how much my style would evolve over the process. Part of it was due to hiring an interior designer, part was just learning more about the process, part was my husband nixing certain ideas.

The one place I have stayed true though is my dedication to our gold kitchen cabinets (they’re actually brass, but I can never remember that word so I say gold).

They are GORGEOUS. I literally dream about them at night I love them so much.

And I want to point out, they’re very reasonable! They’re from a new-er company, Reform Cabinets, that designs cabinet fronts for Ikea bases. We’re skipping the Ikea bases and going with custom ones (required by our contractor) so I’ll let you know how it all works out.

Should you do gold / brass cabinets?

If you want to make a bold statement, to have a show stopper piece, HECK YES.

Originally, I was going to do the entire kitchen in them (go big or go home), but my designer pointed out that it might make more of an impact to limit them to the island, which was great advice. The island can stand out without having to compete with an entire kitchen.

And if an island feels like too much, maybe do a bench or a sideboard? We’re planning on adding a window bench that will have the same gold fronts to tie it back into the kitchen, which could be a great option if a gold kitchen scares you.

What the heck to pair them with?

The question though has been what to pair them with. My tendency is to go glam all the way, but my husband (and the rest of the sane universe?) probably doesn’t want to live in an episode of “Dynasty. Originally, we were going to do white counters with pink lights to pop against the green, but when we actually were looking at countertops, we found this purple-y, green marble and it all just fit.

I feel like the mix of the organic materials (wood, marble, raw tile, rattan chairs) soften the glam elements (gold cabinets, gold lighting) for what will hopefully be a friendly, home-y, slightly over-the-top kitchen.

ideas for pairing gold kitchen cabinets, including gold light, light oak cabinets, greenish marble counters, pink vintage lights, green tile, and rattan counter stools

A few more deets on the different elements:

Reform Gold Cabinets as Island Centerpiece // 1. Vintage sourced lights over island // 2. Light maple cabinets around outside of kitchen // 3. Green-ish marble counters for all counter surfaces // 4. Lights from Anthropologie for above green tile wall // 5. Clé artisan green tile for wall of open shelving // 6. Sustainable rattan chairs from Family Love Tree (if I can work out shipping!)

What do you think? Are gold / brass cabinets in your future?

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