Chevron-Striped iPad Cases that are Babysitter Approved

You know how sometimes when you make a recommendation you hear a little voice in the back of your head wondering if it is actually cool? Hoping this isn’t like, heaven forbid, when I told my mom I would NEVER not tight-roll my jeans because ohmahgod that would be totally humiliating, only to later discover that I was a tad misinformed, shall we say?

Today, my fabulistas, there is no voice. And you want to know why? Because our 24-year old babysitter, who is all kinds of San Francisco cool (like she rocks kickin’ equestrian style pants while babysitting), liked my iPad case so much she went out and bought the same one. I believe that deserves a boo-yah. Which, I understand, completely annihilates any of the coolness factor I may have tenuously built up, but, still… BOO-YAH.

So, without further ado, I heartily recommend these gorgeous iPad cases from Kallo Chic, which I think you’ll agree are stylish, modern and, not at all tight-roll-ish.

Here’s mine:chevron-stripes-blue-red-ipad-case

Or rather her very pretty photo of my case. Add in stacks of papers, a table with a huge gouge in it, and a coffee stain for an idea of what a photo of my actual case would look like.

And here’s the version our sitter bought, which is lovely and peachy.


The red circle case is canvas that’s been laminated, which seems to me to be all kinds of cool.  red-circles-fall-birds-ipad-cases-clutch

What I like best about them (besides the fact they’re totally original) is they have a handy pocket in the front to keep notes or your phone or whatever else you might need while running around. Plus, they’re thick enough that you feel like your iPad’s protected, but it’s still flat enough they slip easily into your purse. Oh, yeah, and each one is a real show-stopper.

If you don’t have an iPad or just want something cute to keep all your coins from rattling around, she also sells these adorable mini purses, featuring the same clutch-style. Did I mention the satisfying click you hear when you close them?


You can see Kailo Chic’s full line over here.


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