How to Wear Combat Boots Three Ways!

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One of my hard and fast fashion rules is I don’t buy items for my everyday life unless I can wear them multiple ways. I try and stick to it throughout my wardrobe, but sometimes items like oversized, pink tulle skirts come up and a gal needs an escape hatch so she can rock her unicorn dreams and can you blame me?!?!

So, when I put these combat boots in my cart at Target on a whim, I was thinking I’d probably take them back. I wasn’t even sure I really liked them (they’re much heavier style-wise than what I’d normally wear) and I couldn’t imagine what I’d wear with them outside of jeans.

For the 100 millionth time in my life, I WAS DEAD WRONG.

These little puppies have turned into my go-to boots this winter and, hot diggity!, I’m taking them into the spring.


mom make roar face with hands on hips in black top with leopard skirt and combat boots

The main thing I was worried about – that they’re much heavier than what I normally wear – has actually worked to their advantage.

Whereas this animal print skirt can go very dressy if put with heels, the combat boots take it more casual and, dare I say, cool girl.

woman with hands on hips in black shirt and leopard print skirt with combat boots

Plus, can I tell you how much easier it is to walk in these than heels? These are shoes a gal can tromp around in and show the world she means business.

boots from Target // leopard print skirt (similar) // black puff sleeve shirt // gold drop earrings (similar-ish)


woman with striped shirt and jeans with blazer

Now, my original plan was to wear these with all my jeans, but turns out they need a specific kind of jeans. I tried them with a wide leg and a straight leg and both looked terrible on me (they shortened my legs up significantly) so I decided to stick with tried and true skinny jeans.

It’s… okay. I think the thing to remember with combat boots is they create a fitted silhouette for your feet so anything too oversized on top is going to knock off your proportions.

In real life, I’d probably wear this outfit with white flats for an easy look, but since we’re in BlogLand, I’ll give it a solid B and let’s move onto my favorite version…

boots from Target // jeans// black circle purse (smaller version!) // striped shirt (similar) // drop necklace from Top Shop last season // pink blazer (similar)


All right, gals, this is the money shot.

I love this dress from Sister Jane, but haven’t been able to figure out how to wear it for everyday life. I’ve worn it dressy with heels, but I loved the idea of just casually throwing on my effortlessly oversized dress and walking the streets of Denver, impressing the hell out of everyone I meet with my casual, cool girl style.

Because, I am nothing if not a casual, cool girl, says the lady who just spent an hour picking smooshed raisins out of her carpet. SO COOL AND CASUAL.

At least I can try and look the part, right?

boots from Target // pink dress by Sister Jane (in red) // leopard print coat (similar) // huge gold hoops

So, what do you think? Have I convinced you to give them a try? As always, buy them and if you can’t figure out how to wear them, DM me and I’ll help!

Photos by the lovely Hannah Q

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