Easy Easter Fun: Bling Out Your Peeps

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Oh, you guys, I love this project. It is so not Pinterest-worthy and looks a little insane, but the kids had the best time and it totally cracks me up. You know all those extra Peeps you have lying around, mocking you with their sugary deliciousness? It’s time to put them to good use and buy yourself an hour of hands-off kid time.

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Plus, tell me these aren’t the most hilarious little Peeps you’ve ever seen.


I keep finding the plate of them in different places in the house (Alice has adopted them as a sort of roving, pet commune) and every time they give me a little jump and then I get happy. Because, while Peeps themselves are quite lovable, a Peep with a full set of hair rollers is absolutely phenomenal.


Blinged-Out Peeps for Easter (or after)
Prep time: 15 minutes; Play time: over 45 minutes!

Supplies (I’ve included everything I used, but even a few from the list will be a blast!):
-Peeps (Target has them in a wide variety of colors)
Frosting Glue
-Candy in the shape of eyes, mustaches, glasses, flowers or bows (our Safeway has most of these now for better prices)
Edible markers
Sparkling gel


  1. Make up half batch of glue frosting (this is really the only thing that takes any time).
  2. Put out supplies.
  3. Let the kids go to town! The only place I helped was with putting dabs of frosting on the back of the eyes, etc., but as you can see below sometimes I didn’t even do that.
  4. Try to keep them from eating all of the peeps at one time.


Have you ever seen a more motley crew? No. Will this be featured on Martha as one of her favorite ways to prettify your Easter? No. Do my kids care? Not a peep.

Alice couldn’t wait to introduce you to Princess Amy and her tie-dyed gown, while Bennett could have played with his Peep car all afternoon.


No, really, he played with it all afternoon.IMG_8794


I feel like our Easter table will never be complete now without our little band of Peeps. Actually, I can’t imagine any table now without our fine little friends, which means we gotta get busy; there’s a very good chance Bennett just ate Martin, the Peep in blue, and I’m not sure how Princess Amy is going to react…

Photos by the amazing Milou and Olin Photography.

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