An Easy, Temporary Way to Color Your Kid’s Hair

As you gals know, I’m a big believer in easy fun that delivers a big bang for your buck. And coloring your kid’s hair with markers does exactly that.

In fact, it’s such easy fun it feels ridiculous to dedicate an entire post to it, because the instructions are: Color your kid’s hair with markers.

Yes, that’s it! You ship yourself a set of these Mr. Sketch smelly markers (for some reason these seem to go on a much deeper color than other brands) and get coloring. MIC DROP.

While we’re here and chatting though, can I remind you that having fun with your kids doesn’t actually have to be hard? It’s easy as a mom on Pinterest and Instagram to think more work = more fun, but I actually think the opposite is true.

For me, typically, more work = not following through, as evidenced by my very large pile of DIY kits I keep “meaning to do” with my kids.

Instead, the fun that gets done is the fun that is built into your everyday life. The times you spontaneously have a dance party in the kitchen, or pull off the road to check out an interesting museum, or everyone wears funny headbands that you find in the dollar bin at Target.

Those are the memories that actually get made because if something is easy enough to do, you’ll probably do it.

As for your kids, I promise they don’t need an all day, craft extravaganza, if that’s not your thing (although if it is, GO FOR IT, and can I please send my kids to your house for an afternoon? ????).

Five minutes of coloring their hair will put a bounce in their step, promise. My kids love the compliments they get, and when we did it for my daughter’s birthday party, it was a huge hit (although, be aware, if your kiddo’s hair is darker, these may not show up very well). We still pull them out every so often as a way to fun up a regular morning.

So, this turned into a whole thing. ???? Who knew that coloring your kids’ hair could lead to such a passionate discourse? Let’s go forth and have daily fun, k?

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Photos by the gal who makes everything more fun, Milou and Olin.

  1. Mounya Elyounoussi says:

    i love this so do you need conditioner or you just rub the marker on the kids hair just like your drawing on paper

    • Kara says:

      You can just color their hair like you were drawing on paper! I’d definitely recommend the Mr. Scent markers because the other ones don’t seem to stay on as well. šŸ™‚

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