Family Annie Costume for Halloween

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Family Annie Costume for Halloween - Fabulistas-2YOU GUYS. OMG. If you’ve known me for a hot second you’ll know that our family is obsessed with Halloween (we just moved and literally moved twice as many Halloween costume boxes as Christmas decorations because you never know when the need for a Crazed Dentist costume might come up).

So it breaks my heart that I have all this Halloween content ready to go that I just haven’t been able to get up. I mean what if one of you needed the perfect costume for your office party and I had the answer, but you would never know how easy it is to build a senior picture costume because I am lost in a sea of moving boxes and cleaning products? I’ve been beating myself up about it, but, here’s the thing. It’s not every Halloween you buy a house, move, clean out your old house, unpack a few boxes and then hop on a plane to Australia three days later so I’m giving myself a pass and even though these feel late, how about we consider them really, really early for next year?

Man, I’m really top of things.

Family Annie Costume for Halloween - Fabulistas-9 This year there wasn’t even a question as to what we’d all be. “It’s a Hard Knock Life” is currently the background music of our lives (because it’s on repeat, not because anyone is doing any hard-core floor scrubbing) so Annie was a no-brainer.

Family Annie Costume for Halloween - Fabulistas-3I asked my husband if he wanted to be Daddy Warbucks, and in yet another round of “Why I Married This Man” he looked at me like I was insane and said it would obviously be a hundred times funnier if Bennett sported the bald cap. I think he was correct.

Family Annie Costume for Halloween - Fabulistas-4 Because we’re in Australia for the actual day and schlepping our costumes halfway around the world, I didn’t want to pack a full dog suit for my husband (he’s building up quite the collection) so we went with a nod to Sandy. Alice was a little worried because his ears are not exactly the same as the movie Sandy, but Chris distracted her with some animated barking, she broke into song, and all was right in the world again.

Family Annie Costume for Halloween - Fabulistas-6I’m going to be honest, I was THRILLED with the Annie choice, because there’s nothing I love more than a good villain, especially one that gets stuff done. I barked orders at the kids all day, which they thought was hilarious, and netted me a surprisingly clean kitchen (not quite the top of the Chrysler building, but close).

Family Annie Costume for Halloween - Fabulistas-7The best part of all this? I bought everything on Amazon, including my nightdress because nothing says sexy like lingerie delivered to you with your groceries.

On the other hand, it’s pretty much like telling the world you have it seriously going on, so much so that you’re so desperate for your lingerie you can’t even wait for two day shipping, and now I’m totally embarrassed and feel like I need to send a photo to the Amazon shipping department of me in costume with a note attached that says, “You guys, just wanted to let you know I need the goods because I’m pretending to be a desperate, sexed-crazed lady who runs an orphanage and is drunk pretty much all the time (wink, wink), but I’m actually totally normal and sleep in shorts and a t-shirt from high school so there is ABSOLUTELY nothing untoward going on around here and if you want to send it 3 Day Shipping, or even, Ground, haha!, no problem at all.”

I feel like that would clear everything up, don’t you?

Annie Costume: Annie dress, Annie wig, shoes are these ones I found at a consignment store that turned out to be surprisingly useful for pretty much any kids’ costume
Daddy Warbucks: tuxedo shirt, bald cap (they have ones that are made from latex and look a bit more realistic, but 1. I am cheap and $5 sounded like a deal and 2. I didn’t know how long it was going to stay on and didn’t want to drop cash for something that might only last 30 seconds. I was totally wrong because he wore it all day. I’ll just leave you with that image.)
Ms. Hannigan: SEXY lingerie, pearls + shoes + scarf were all just things I had laying around
Sandy: we just did the dog ears and nose, but you should totally do this full dog costume instead

Photos by Erica Bean Photography.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Of course you packed these to bring to Australia. Possibly the most Kara thing ever I LOVE IT.

  2. […] family Halloween costume was a bit of a challenge. Last year, when Alice said she wanted to be Annie my head and heart exploded because it was a lifelong dream to be Ms. Hannigan and I knew Bennett […]

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