Family Halloween Costume: Our Favorite Book Characters!

You guys know, I’m nuts about Halloween. All year long, I look forward to this one socially appropriate day where the world is my stage. I have certain criteria I want to hit (I like to be a character, preferably with an accent, and the more dramatic, the better). And, it used to be so easy! I’d pick Captain Hook, say, and everyone would fall in line, but now, omg, THE CHILDREN HAVE OPINIONS.


Last year we had a bit of a tussle, because we couldn’t agree on anything. Alice wanted to be a king (see below), Bennett was going to be a dinosaur come hell or high water, I was committed to Viola Swamp because I wanted to read it to the kids’ classes, and Chris was his usual good sport, just waiting for whatever animal costume we foisted upon him.

And then we had a genuine Halloween Miracle. I realized we could all be a character from our favorite book, and, BAM, problem solved.

Alice is obsessed with her Rebel Girls book and in September told me she wanted to be Cleopatra, which is what started this whole thing. She made a point to tell everyone all Halloween that, no, she wasn’t a queen, but rather a king and then proceeded to give them a history lesson on women power. I was maybe a teensy bit proud.

This guy was a dinosaur for the second year running, which makes me so happy, although he was very specific to point out he was a dinosaur FOSSIL, not a regular dinosaur, people, omg.

Um, I had no idea Gerald was this hot. Seriously, is there anything sexier than a man in a Piggy and Gerald costume that he PICKED OUT HIMSELF? Gah!

My costume is totally crazy pants, I’ll freely admit. My mom used to have this AMAZING, Viola Swamp mask that felt more…subtle? Unfortunately, it fell apart in the middle of one of my “performances” at the kids’ school. I’ve been desperately (desperately!) trying to replace it, and I thought I had a winner, but seeing it here, it looks a more Fright Night than beloved book character. I’ll update this if I manage to find one that works better!

The best part of this costume? It’s totally flexible! You could do Curious George with a unicorn and throw in an evil stepmother (MWAHAHAHAHA!) and a big red dog, for good measure. Pretty much any set of books you think of can work!

Okay, here are your Halloween costume links!

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls costume: King Cleopatra

-I couldn’t find a book link from this 1985 edition, but here’s a gorgeous dino book we love!: FOSSIL dinosaur costume

-Viola Swamp costume from Miss Nelson is Missing: wig (the one I bought last year is sold out! I’d probably buy this ponytail version and then bobby pin them up into buns. Think it could work? // mask 🙁 maybe this one? // dress from my closet // green and yellow socks // black shoes from my closet

-Hot Gerald Costume from Elephant and Piggy: Adult Elephant Costume

What do you think? Any book characters you’re dying to be?

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