Pep in Your Step Link Round-Up!

Outfit is unseasonably winter-y, don’t you think? ???? THANKS, COLORADO WEATHER.
Vans sweatshirt (sold out) / Madewell jeans (similar) / Air Jordans / heart belt bag / sunglasses

So, you know how I love berating people into buying and doing things that I think will change their lives? HOW HAVE I NOT BEEN DOING LINK ROUND UPS?!?!? They’re basically the Internet’s answer to me cornering you at the playground and making you promise to buy this really cute dress I saw at Target. ????

I’m ridiculously excited about this. ????Anyway, let’s get down to business and put a pep in your step!

Favorite Things I Found This Week!

????????Nail dipping! Have you gals tried it? I’m obsessed because it lasts about twice as long as gel and doesn’t cost any more. You might have to do a little hunting around for a place that has a full range of colors, but almost all the salons I know are doing it.

????I’ve become weirdly obsessed with clogs and just ordered this pair in white (you know I love a white shoe!). How are you feeling about their return?

????How’s your swimsuit? Mine is pretty droopy, so I may have hinted pretty obviously to the Mother’s Day crowd that this one would get some serious use.

????If you need me, I’ll be living in this bathroom right over here, k?

????This podcast episode is LIFE-CHANGING on how to treat your work.

????David Sedaris’ “Calypso” is hilarious, and heartfelt, and made me feel much better about entering middle age. Sort of.

????‍♀️My friend, Laurel from A Bubbly Life, did a post on how moms fit in working out – I love seeing how everyone makes it work.

????????Every kid at the pool should be wearing these goggles. Rawr!

????How did I not know about this book on JOY?!? ????I just ordered it and will report back!

So fun, right? Let me know anything dishy you may have found and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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