5 Funny Shows That Will Induce All-Night Bingeing (You've Been Warned)

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We are still in the parenting mode where we’re watching a lot of TV. Erp. It’s getting better (we’ve been reading a lot more and seeing friends and getting out of the house in the evening), but when we are home it’s nice to hunker down on the couch and have a quick laugh and not think about the fact our lawn really, really needs mowing.

I’ve found a couple of hilarious shows lately that I’m totally obsessed with (the top three I typically watch by myself because Chris isn’t as into them) and that have had me going on serious binges. Let me know what you think and please note, I hold no responsibility for your coffee consumption the day after.

Playing House

I watched the entire two seasons of Playing House in less than a week, because, you guys, I COULD NOT STOP. It’s sweet, and real, and hilarious, and (this one is weird) kind, and once I started I just couldn’t get enough (I stalked the stars on Instagram, read about their real life friendship, downloaded their first show together), and basically, neglected my house and family because I had two new, best friends that I need to know everything about (if only I could pour this same enthusiasm into learning to cook).

The premise of the show is simple. One of the friends, mom-to-be Maggie, finds out her husband is cheating on her so her best friend from childhood, Emma, moves back to their small town to help raise the baby. But, it is so much more than that. You know how you are with your BFFs? The inside jokes, the light ribbing, the way you can be yourself with them in a way you can’t with anyone else? These ladies capture those friendships, and all the love and imperfections that come with them, in a completely hilarious way. Pretty sure you’ll need to call your bestie after watching Season 1.

Odd Mom Out

I finally forced convinced one my friends to start watching Odd Mom Out and she loved it, but told me the reason she thinks I like the show is because the lead character, Jill, reminds her of me. At first, I was pretty sure she was crazy, because Jill’s character lives on the Upper East Side, is very rich, and always trying to figure out how to fit in with her family and friends who are super-fancy and even richer.

But then I remembered how she decided she wanted to move to Brooklyn on a whim because she went to a party and everyone seemed cool and they had a big backyard and I pretty much did the same thing with our little town. And she has a lot of dance parties with her kids, is perpetually late and harried, and has a tendency to be overly enthusiastic in situations that might not call for it. Okay, maybe we’re a teensy bit similar, but isn’t that all of us? Which is exactly why I think every mom should be watching it – because we’re all a little bit Jill. Or maybe I’m just a little Jill in which case you should watch it so we can understand each other more. I DON’T KNOW! JUST WATCH IT, OKAY? (My over-enthusiasm thing is starting to show…)


Full Disclosure: I’ve followed Rob Delaney, the creator and star of Catastrophe, on Twitter for forever and think of him as a dear friend so I’m heavily invested in his show doing well, because I want all the people I know and love to find success, so even though I haven’t technically “met” him we all need to pull together and watch his show because he’s a friend who needs our support and how else am I going to get invited to his house for dinner? Also, is it starting to feel like “stalker” is a theme of this post?

Kidding aside, I really like his show. The premise is Rob has a one week stand with Sharon, who gets pregnant and they decide to make a go of it, which involves moving continents and starting a relationship with some serious baggage.

It’s weirdly surprising. The characters are complicated and do things you don’t expect and you can tell the actors really enjoy each other. It’s another one of these shows where the characters are kind to each other in the way you probably are to people you love, but don’t often see on TV because it’s easier to sell snark. And, it’s really funny. I laugh really hard at least a couple of times an episode, partly because it totally nails what it’s like to be pregnant (crying, worry, mild hysteria, you know the drill).


You know why snark sells? Because it’s friggin’ hilarious. And nobody does it better than Veep. These characters are terrible to each other in a way we’re pretty sure everyone in Washington is and it couldn’t be funnier. It’s biting, timely, and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss should win every single award just so we get to watch her acceptance speeches.

Last Man on Earth

I don’t want to ruin anything about this show and everything I write alludes to a joke that if you know it ahead of time, it might not be funny, so I’m just going to say this: Will Forte and Kristin Schaal are brilliant and hilarious and never-endingly watchable. For some reason, Chris and I have it in our heads that we’re going to be disappointed every time we start an episode (how many jokes can you actually get out of an apocalypse with a very limited cast?) and every time we are so very, very wrong and wish there was another episode in the queue. So, go watch it, you lucky duck!

There are a bunch of shows that keep coming up on my radar that I want to try out – Broad City, Master of None, Amy Schumer, and Jane the Virgin are a couple of them. Have you watched any of them? Any other suggestions?

  1. Emily says:

    I need to read your blog more often. You have so many great new posts! I’m so flattered to have made it into one! We’ll have to check the other show.

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