Getting Ready for Alt Summit: My Fave Green Ruche Cape

green cape from Ruche styled dressed upThis is a big week, you guys. On Wednesday I head to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit to convene with a bunch of other bloggers and creatives, where we’ll put our heads down and very studiously study the ins and outs of the Internet, discuss the finer points of SEO and web optimization late into the night, and find ways to support each other emotionally and spiritually.

Oh, who am I kidding? We’re all going so we can get dressed up and check out what everybody else is wearing.

Other than having a sleepover every night with one of my besties, getting outfitted for Alt is my favorite part of the whole thing. Oh, and the plane ride sans kids. Oh, and the late night drinks without kids. Oh, and the uninterrupted time where I can actually finish a thought and listen to what other people are saying because there aren’t any kids. Oh, and the fact I get to do WHATEVER I WANT for three whole days without kids. Fine, there are a lot of good things about Alt.

Which is why it’s very important my outfit is flexible enough to do impromptu cheering because there is obviously much to cheer about.
black dress with green cape and wedgesAlso, I need to be able to high kick for the spontaneous, hallway dance parties.
excited to be going to Alt - dressed upBecause I am also a very serious fashion blogger, it’s also important my outfit lend me a sense of gravitas, as I’m certain folks will be very interested in seeing up close “what I do.”
what to wear to Altitude SummitThere’s also a chance I will just be normal, although, let’s not get carried away.Ruche cape long with plain black dressLinkage:
Green Convertible Cape: Ruche // Black Dress: Old Navy, forever ago // Tights: Common Era // Black Wedges: similar ones from H&M // Bracelet: Ruche

If you are going to Alt, drop me a line in the comments, because I’d love to meet up! And if you aren’t, but want to follow the fun, head over to Instagram, where I’ll do my best to document the madness.

  1. penne says:

    You are the cutest thing, like ever. I am guessing by your title that you have several green ruche capes, and that doesn’t even surprise me. You deserve many many capes.
    Love, Pen
    PS – I wish I had your gams so I could pull of wedge booties. Dayum.

  2. Natalie says:

    You look gorgeous!! Have a fabulous time at Alt.

  3. Cathleya says:

    I freakin love you.

  4. Cathleya says:

    Also CRAP! I forgot to buy this cape. It is the BEST THING!

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