How to Mix and Match Your Kiddos Prints Without Hopping on the Crazy Train

Dude, this has been a weird day. Here in San Francisco it’s been raining and I don’t know if that’s making everyone crazy-pants or what, but two things occur to me: 1. If you want to watch porn on your phone, maybe invest in some headphones? 2. Screaming matches with the barista and involving the police over whether or not he put enough soy milk in your latte make everyone uncomfortable and, I’m just going to say it, are probably not the best use of taxpayer money. (Just give the lady some more soy milk, will ya?)

Which makes my plan for dressing the toddlers of the world in contrasting prints seem downright sane. It’s taken me a bit of time to jump on this train, but, now that I’m on, I’m in full conductor mode. Personally, I think the key to making it work is simple – make sure the colors match and have one unifying color (in most cases white). Oh, and a little bit of sass never hurt.


All of these are from Old Navy and 40% off until tomorrow! I may have already done some retail therapy over there in the hopes of erasing the sounds of Breast Side Story from my brain…

1. For the little Francophile: striped umbrella tee / rockin’ polka dot pants / lovely bird shirt // 2. A version for the non-believers: adorable jean dress / cutest tights ever / coral shoes that match everything // 3. Little rock star outfit: gingham shirt / star jeans, which kiddo wears everyday / OTT French Bulldog t-shirt

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