How to Wear Dramatic Floral Pants Two Ways

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how to wear bold pants

Hellooooooo! Oh man, it’s been a long time, you guys, hasn’t it? I’ve been thinking about you non-stop, but ultimately decided I couldn’t do it all. WHAT?!?!? That doesn’t sound like the Kara we know. The Kara we know would have been stressing non-stop about getting it all done and obsessively doing at least something, even if it was half-assed, because THAT IS WHAT YOU DO.


I decided to give myself a break. We were selling our house and moving across country and settling into new schools, plus had some big birthdays and Summer to celebrate, and I wanted to be present. I wanted to be able to properly say good-bye to friends and California and hello to our new life and Colorado.

wide-legged floral pants from Bando

And while it was far from perfect (so. many. tears.), I was truly in the moment. We were incredibly busy (moving will do that to you), but I didn’t have the panicked feeling I have a lot of the time when I can’t imagine how I’ll ever get it all done.

Yes, I missed out on a couple of fun opportunities, but I think really being there for the kids (to the point we were all semi-desperate for school to start) and completely unplugging (to the point where I was desperate to open my computer again) has meant we headed into the new school year connected to each other and ready to work.

And speaking of work, can we talk about you and me working these pants for a hot second? #whatasegway

easy way to wear wide-legged floral pants

When I asked for these for my birthday, I was thinking I’d wear them very occasionally because they’re a rather…bold choice, shall we say?

You guys, they have become a WARDROBE STAPLE.  Seriously, they work for practically every life event.

Take this version????????, for example. I’m headed out to meet the gals for coffee so I throw on a white Target tee, some flat sandals, and I am GOOD TO GO. The key here is to keep it simple and breezy because it’s daytime and we’re adorable and will probably at some point in the day be wrangling 47 bags into the car while carrying small children.

VERSION #1: throwback floral pants // elasticated white shirt (mine is sold out, but this one would work) // pink earrings from KT Woodling // gaia purse // purple sunglasses on a chain (on sale!)

dressing up wide-legged pants

In version two, I’ve upped the ante a bit for a night out while still keeping it simple (I’m realizing when photographed they look very similar, while in real life they were COMPLETELY DIFFERENT #pinkyswear). Anyway, I’ve added a bomber jacket, heels, and a fun necklace, nothing too much because, again, the pants don’t need a lot of help.

how to wear wide-legged floral pants

Okay, here are a couple of tips for wearing a wider legged, bold pant:

  1. Streamline your top. Because these pants are so billowy, a less fitted top will make you look bigger than you are. I like to either tuck a shirt in or wear one like the elasticated waist one from Target that gives me definition.
  2.  I tried a ton of different colored tops with these pants, but, ultimately, liked the white with natural accessories best because they let the pants do the talking. I’m on the look out for a blue t-shirt though because how cute would that be?
  3. The jacket gave me a lot of pain because again I need it to look streamlined! When I tried on my regular jean jacket, which is a bit bigger, it felt sloppy, while my cardigans felt droopy. I like this jacket gave the outfit some structure.
  4. I’m still deciding if I can pull these off with a boot or covered toe. Sneakers, maybe? I’ll try it out and get back to you!

wide-legged floral pants

VERSION #2 throwback floral pants // white t-shirt  // pink necklace from forever ago and can’t find anything close! // gaia purse // vintage bomber jacket, but what about this satin one? // sandals are old from Ross (!?!), plus you’d much rather have these corduroy ones!

Are you guys on board? I’m obsessed. I love a good statement piece that you can’t wait to wear and these are definitely that.

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