Joyfolie's Heavenly New Collection and a Sane Request

Do you guys ever have that experience when you’re shopping for kids clothes and you think, “Why in the frickety-frack can’t someone PUH-LEASE make this in my size?” And then you may or may not proceed to buy up the entire store, because, yes, while you may be wearing stained yoga pants for the third time this week, dammit, your daughter is going to be showered and look presentable because at least one of you should look fabulous, and, anyway, isn’t part of the reason we have kids to dress them how we used to dress when we had plenty of time to ponder which heels look best with this navy striped dress instead of “does this shirt appropriately cover up my stomach if I fully button these jeans”?

This has, of course, never happened to me, but I’ve heard of rumor of it. I can only imagine severe cases happen every day over on the Joyfolie site, because, holy hell, why don’t they make these clothes in adult versions?!?!?

Like this jacket. Yes, Alice would be adorable in this, but I would rock the daylight out of those tiered ruffles.

And this hot pink dress. Sure, it’s perfect for a special birthday party but, it would be even better at a business meeting where you have to look put together yet accessible. (Do you see where I’m going with this, Joyfolie?)pink-dress-pretty-bow-belt-waist-toddler

And this vest? Stop it. Just stop it.

This is what first turned me onto Joyfolie – their ridiculously adorable, ruffled capelet (you can see Alice wearing hers here). Their newest version features sequins and a direct line into my heart.

Okay, just Alice can have these blue shoes because…

I’ll take these grown-up, gold numbers instead. (They do have a selection of adult shoes, which are fabulous, of course).

Fine, let’s make a deal, all right?  I’ll let Alice have this triangle dress that’s perfect for Easter or her birthday or trips to the grocery store, and won’t comment on how it would give me the perfect waistline, if…

I can get both these fringed flats and riding pants in my size. If so, I promise to only wear my yoga pants to yoga except when there’s a true emergency like I can’t get our laundry done because the new season of Scandal has started and Olivia needs my insight to finally find peace in her life and, most likely, also to decide which pair of shoes will go best with her new, swingy coat. Other than that, no yoga pants again EVER. Pretty please?

Joyfolie has a whole lot of other gorgeous goods on their site, including a new collection. And you can get an additional 25% off all sale items with the code BYEWINTER until February 21st!

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