Three Last Minute Halloween Costumes from Your Closet

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So, it’s the week before Halloween and you just realized you have nothing to wear? THE HORRORS!

Fortunately, I have three last minute Halloween costume ideas that are super-easy to throw together and use things you can find in your closet (not sure how extensive your wig collection is so I added some links for those šŸ˜¬).

But, can I make one caveat? This is a Halloween costume so if it’s not EXACTLY how the person would dress, it’s cool. The idea is to get an overall sense of their style, not nit pick the details, okay? Now, let’s have some fun!

woman dressed as Sloane from Ferris Bueller's Day Off leaning against a wall
To get us started, I pulled together the ultimate cool girl, Sloane Peterson from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Oh man, how I wanted just the tiniest bit of her ease (the scene where she lies to the principal made my 16-year old self break out in hives).

Obviously, her iconic jacket helps matters (and, yes, I screamed when I saw this on Dressed in Lala and bought it immediately), but it’s really about shorts with boots and a jacket with an attitude. I mean life moves pretty fast so if you don’t stop and look around once in awhile you could miss it, mwahaha!

What do you need for your Sloane costume?
-a fringe jacket, if you have it. Otherwise, some sort of light-colored jacket.

-a blue-ish shirt (mine is actually a running shirt because that’s all I could find!)

-a Southwestern belt

-longer shorts. I didn’t have any that weren’t jean shorts so I bought these.

-knee-high boots, if you can swing it. Otherwise, any white pair of boots will work.

-if you have long, brown hair, then rock the slight waves; otherwise, I bought this wig.

woman dressed as Anna Wintour walking down street

Next up, is the Queen of Fashion herself, Ms. Anna Wintour.

There are a few keys to this costume. One, the big, black sunglasses, obviously. Two, you must NEVER smile, or if you must, please don’t be gauche and show your teeth. Three, don’t overload yourself with “baggage” – you have assistants that take care of that sort of thing, for God’s sake.

woman dressed in Anna Wintour Halloween costume looks at camera

What do you need for your Anna Wintour costume?
-classic, ladylike clothes! Anna only wears classic and doesn’t mess around with trends.

-Anna loves a rounded neckline (often a jacquard print) paired with a chunky necklace or a suit without a collar. She also always wears long dressed in summer so you could go that way too!

-a skirt that hits below the knee

-either knee high boots or strappy sandals (or, in my case, black pumps because it’s what I had!)

-a bob. I happened to have one so it was easy but here’s a wig!

-BLACK SUNGLASSES. šŸ™‚ The woman wears her sunnies on dates in restaurants so it’s a must-have.

-a clutch (never an over-the-shoulder purse, the horror) and phone

woman dressed as Anna Wintour stands on suburban street

I adore Anna. She is a woman at the top of her game, who knows it and doesn’t mess around. Again, it’s all about the attitude and your panache in carrying it off.

woman dressed as Carole Baskin sits by bushes with stuffed lion

Of course, we had to include a Carole Baskin costume in the mix, because Tiger King was everything this year! What would I have done during those long, quarantine nights if I hadn’t had her antics to fill up my evenings? (Cried even more, is the correct answer.)

I feel like the key to this costume is the long wig and floral crown. Everything else is just gravy, don’t you think?

woman dressed as Carole Baskin looks at camera intensely

What do you need for your Carole Baskin costume?

-ANIMAL PRINTS! I happen to have a closet full of animal prints so it was easy, but any animal prints will work.

-Or here is her actual shirt and just tuck it into a pair of jeans!

-A floral headband crown. I pulled this one from my daughter’s dress up bin, but H & M almost always has them in their kids’ section, or here’s a very cool one from Etsy you could wear again.

-Long blond hair if you have it or this wig.

-A tiger! Or a lion! šŸ˜‚ My brain stopped working and I literally thought this was a tiger, but what’s a gal to do?

-Big eyes. Carole is known for those big eyes that contain a multitude of secrets…Use it!

woman in Carole Baskin Halloween costume looks into the distance while touching her hair

What do you think? You on board with any of these Halloween costumes that you can (hopefully!) find in your closet? And who else would you like to see?

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