Melanie Duerkopp Makes Wishes Come True. Seriously.

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When my mom was teaching school in the early 70s she was a seriously foxy mama – we’re talking mini dresses with white platform boots and a perfect hair flip every day just to stand in front of a bunch of 11-year olds. And then she had me and while I think she probably kept up her killer style, based on the fact she still rocks it, I can’t actually tell you because there is such little photographic evidence (although our JCPenney family portrait from sixth grade suggests she was into upturned collared shirts even though she wouldn’t let me turn mine up because it interfered with the bandana she wanted me to wear. We could spend all day dissecting the problems found in that sentence.)

Before I had Alice, I boldly proclaimed (along with 125,000 other things) I was going to do it differently. I would make sure our time together was well-documented so when she’s 16 and grumpy she could look back and think, “Hey, I used to think my mom was pretty cool and, look, she didn’t always wear pants with elasticized waistbands, and maybe she isn’t all that bad! Why don’t I turn off my space phone and hang out with her for the entire weekend!” Because that’s totally how it works, right?

Well, guess what we got a whole lotta?

Which, don’t get me wrong, makes me really, really happy. Chris is the best dad around and I love it’s evident with a quick glance. But I still want my photos.

I already had the lovely Melanie Duerkopp coming over to take professional photos for this site so I decided to turn part of it into a mother-daughter shoot. Alice was not too sure about the whole thing – she’s normally the smiliest kid ever, but she seemed a little weirded out. It probably had something to do with the fact that her mom was all gussied up.

Alice brought along her favorite toy of the moment – a Mickey Mouse sock circa 1996.

I know you’ve already seen this one, but it’s my absolute favorite. Alice just looks so much like… Alice. And I can’t get over that one perfect curl at the front. Getting your hair and make-up professionally done is not even the teensiest bit overrated.

Melanie was so sweet to also include a little surprise in the bunch – photos of a few things that have special meaning to me from around the house.

Going into the shoot I was all kinds of nervous. By the end, it was just another day blogging in my gold heels and lace dress. I think future Alice will approve.

A huge thank you to Melanie Duerkopp Photography, who made this surprisingly, camera shy gal feel totally comfortable, and to The Glamourist for making me feel like the prettiest version of myself.

You can see the rest of my shoot over on my Facebook page.

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