Mom-Approved: A Floral Jumpsuit and Long Cardigan to Wear Everywhere

I know that we’re firmly in Fall and I’m supposed to be posting outfits with boots and scarves, but it’s finally nice out here in San Francisco, so, honeys, you’re getting more jumpsuits.

Oh, you didn’t know that I’m obsessed with jumpsuits? Let’s put it this way, if you’ve seen me in the past six months I’ve been wearing either this black version or my new favorite floral number because they go everywhere, match everything, and hold me in. And this floral version has the added advantage of never needing to be washed because stains just disappear into the background, which may be part of the reason I’m always wearing it.

See, look how happy it makes me.

mom-laughing-jumpsuit-backyardI’d like to reiterate a few reasons a jumpsuit is the perfect mom outfit: it’s ridiculously comfortable – it’s pretty much like wearing socially acceptable pajamas, you can throw it on, it pairs well with long cardigans, which are great for covering your rear, and they allow for impromptu leg lunges with no fear of showing your lady bits.

backyard-pose-mom-jumpsuit-fashionSay, you find yourself at your local playground (which I imagine is fairly likely) you can bend down and play in the sand and look totally cool and mom-appropriate.

heart-sunglasses-flower-jumpsuit-topshopSee? W Magazine called and they want their dump truck back.  mom-jumpsuit-heart-sunglassesYou think we’re done here? Oh my little pumpkins, not even close! Later this week I’ll be posting a second way to wear this same jumpsuit because, one way or another, I’m going to convince all of you to go out and buy one even if I have to only feature jumpsuits for the duration of this blog, which might be pretty short if that’s the totality of the content, but YOU GET WHERE I’M GOING.


Awesome jumpsuit that is $30 right now!!!: Top Shop // Long cardigan: Norstroms // Necklace: Common Era // Flip flops: Old Navy // Sunglasses – Nordstroms

Photos by my favorite sister (today): Jessica Swift Photography

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