Mom-ing It Up: Hit the Coffee Shop in a Fancy Jumpsuit with Fluxi on Tour

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mom-coffee-shop-jumpsuit-kidsDo you guys ever have those days where you leave the house and look down and think, “What the hell am I wearing?” They have been happening a bit too frequently lately. I’ve gotten into this cycle where we go to the gym first thing in the morning, and then, because we’re already out, I run around in my stinky workout clothes all day and, since I’m already a mess, don’t worry about my hair or make up or how gray my roots are looking (very). Then the days when I actually try and get ready, it’s usually because we’re headed out somewhere and I’m all in a tizzy so I just throw on whatever’s clean (nothing) and end up wearing leggings with a too short t-shirt and then can’t take off my coat for the rest of the day because I’m so worried about flashing innocent bystanders, or, worse, having them think I think what I’m wearing is an actual normal person outfit.

It’s a tough life.

I joke, but I know that when I look good (and take the time to do things like shower) I actually feel better about myself, which correlates to being nicer to other people, taking more risks, and being more friendly. However, I’m a mom now and the high heels and short skirts I used to wear aren’t cutting it anymore. So, all of this is to say, I’m starting a new series called “Mom-ing It Up” where I’m going to feature outfits I think are cool, but also allow you to be a mom (ie. you can bend over in it and don’t have to worry about your butt crack or boobs hanging out because, yes, we have all been there).

mom-kids-coffee-shop-playingWhich is why I’m OBSESSED with this black jumpsuit. I can pick the kids up and throw them around or hold them on my lap on a stool and everything stays in place.

mom-jumpsuit-flip-flops-kidsI have to admit I was pretty uncertain about the whole jumpsuit thing, because I was worried it might be a little “American Hustle”, but it’s actually the easiest thing I own. I wear it all the time – to coffee with friends, birthday parties, even one night on a – gasp! – date night. One of the gals at the coffee shop thought I’d just come from a Very Important Business Meeting (her words), which made me feel much less like a sweaty junk show.

I’ve been pairing it with my flip-flops to keep it casual, but I feel like it could also work with heels and a big necklace for a night out with the gals, don’t you think?jewelry-necklaces-layered-alice-wonderland-abcSpeaking of necklaces, I am absurdly proud of this little concoction I put together. How fashion-y, am I, with all these layers?  mom-coffee-shop-san-francisco-baby-boy I feel so lucky I managed to rope Ana from Fluxi on Tour to take the photos for me. She’s so talented and, seriously, the sweetest gal around. I was incredibly nervous about the whole thing, but she made it a breeze (well, Ana and my sister who came along to help out with the kids and ended up basically entertaining them the entire time) – it takes a village, people.

andytown-coffee-roasters-san-franciscoSan Francisco has tons of great coffee shops, but we’ve been sadly lacking in our area. That is, until this little beaut opened up down the street, Andytown Coffee Roasters

fancy-coffee-art-andytown-roastersIt’s warm and lovely and has excellent coffee art (otherwise, how would you know it’s San Francisco?).andytown-san-francisco-coffeeYou can imagine how much fun it was to run up and down this little hallway. Thank goodness, they had really delicious muffins.

little-boy-smiling-window-coffee-shopSee, it’s not just his mommy who’s happier when everybody’s showered, dressed and out of the house.

-Outfit: jumpsuit: Francescas // flip-flops: Old Navy // Alice in Wonderland necklace: Out of Print // ABC necklace: ASOS // A necklace: Helen Ficalora (thank you, Chris!) // purse: Target

-Ana’s blog, Fluxi on Tour, is stunning and full of her adventures in San Francisco and beyond. If you’re planning a trip to Hawaii anytime soon, she has a terrific guide.

  1. Ana says:

    I somehow missed to comment on this! Thank you soooo much for the love! 🙂 It was so fun to spend the day with you. Hopefully we can repeat it sometimes soon! 🙂

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