A Sneak Peek of a Mini Moi Shoot for Momtastic*

*I also just realized it’s not really a “sneak peek” if the post is already up, but I couldn’t figure out what else to call it that sounded cool. A small part of a larger post? A couple of pics from a photo shoot? Two pics out of 15? WHATEVER. Here’s your sneak peek…

I have never dressed like Alice, which I can now see is a total travesty. I’m always talking about how I wish they made her clothes in adult sizes, haha, but I never took it seriously until I started putting together this blog post for Momtastic, featuring my dear friend, Janette, and her awesome kiddo. No doubt, people were literally driving their cars into walls trying to get a second look. But, that’s why we have kids, right? To be so adorable we cause car accidents just by walking down the street. J84A0295_janetteshootUnfortunately, I have completely missed the boat on this one, unless I want to wear a tutu and Ariel t-shirt, and, heaven knows, I look TERRIBLE in t-shirts. My only hope is to get the guys matching while I still control Bennett’s wardrobe and the Batman ratio is still relatively low. 052_Janette+Viv.jpg There’s even more cuteness, if you can believe it, over on the full Mini Moi post – a matching dress and some leopard print leggings that are ridic, plus advice from Janette on how be cool while dressing matchy-matchy. Why do I feel like she’d think the matching tutus is a bad idea?

Flower jeans photo by Audre Ray Photography / Striped cutie photo by Del Rio Photography

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