A Dire Warning to My Sisters and Friday Links

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It’s sunny, feels like Spring, and it’s Friday. I’m thinking impromptu ice cream sundae party – anyone else in?

Happy weekend!

Sometimes I write other places too. 
These gifts were for Valentine’s Day, but I bet they’d work just fine right now too.

Um, I love the Internet:
-I should probably wear this necklace for Alice until she’s old enough to appreciate it, don’t you think? (Thank you, Snippet and Ink for the link).

-Turns out we’re not done yet.

-I don’t know why this made me so emotional, but I wish that some of my elderly loved ones had a place like this.

-This is a gentle reminder to my sisters that the only thing I want for my birthday is these red flats and if I don’t get them my birthday will probably be ruined.

-These stock photos are looking to change the way we look at women and I think it can totally work.

-There’s a reason I’m so obsessed with her.

-Who knew you could use Sharpies to create such a sweet wall?

-I’m totally obsessed with my Bullet Journal – you should see me checking off my to dos! Now, can someone please figure out how to do the same for email?

-I searched high and low for these sequin sweatpants (aka. my dream pants) and when I finally found them they were sold out. I thought I must be dreaming when I found these gloves for $22 and I was because they were sold out. So, you better believe I just bought this necklace that I’ve been looking at for weeks. Take that, Internet Shopping Gods!

Resolution check-in:
In the continuing saga, “Did She Do It?”, I try and keep myself on track with my New Year’s resolutions. Peer pressure has always worked really well for me.

Week Five (Feb 3rd)
Blog: Can I count a post which rounds up where else I’ve been blogging and then a post which rounds up that post? Seems like it might take us down a weird worm hole, but I’m doing it anyway.
Exercise: Our Pilates teacher was out so instead we did yoga and I remembered how very, very far away my toes are.
Read a book: For some reason, I’m really having a tough time with this one, which is weird because it’s my favorite thing to do. Do I need to let go of the Ann Patchett?
Adventure: It was one of those non-stop weeks, but Chris and I managed to sneak away for a much-needed date night. It had been raining for days, so, honestly, the couch was looking pretty good, but we saddled up our rain boots and headed to one of our favorite hoods, Hayes Valley. We tried to get into Suppenküche, but everyone else seemed to have the same idea so instead we had a cozy evening in the tiny Domo Sushi, followed up with drinks at Two Sisters Bar and Books. It turned out to be just what we needed – one of those evenings where you fall back in love with the place where you live while talking the ear off the man you love.

Week Six (Feb 10th)
Blog: I am genuinely surprised that I didn’t write anything here, because I felt like I did. I wrote for Momtastic, but… Are you sure I didn’t post over here?
Exercise: Once a week a couple of us are getting together and I’m leading us in a weight lifting work out (yes, me). It was hilarious until I rocked ten push-ups without stopping and then fainted in disbelief.
Read a book: Okay, I didn’t do this again!!! What is going on? After much analyzing (okay, about two minutes in the shower), I think it’s that I’m not organized. I’m trying not to buy so many Kindle books, yet I haven’t taken the time to order anything from the library so, surprise!, I have nothing to read. Look at the insights these resolutions are producing!
Adventure: I had one of those magical days, which reminded me why we moved to San Francisco. We had relatives visiting so the kids and I took them down to the Ferry Building for coffee, pastries, lunch, and people watching (because that’s what you do down there – eat and watch). When we came out to head home, there were two marching bands who had set up in the plaza and were having the ultimate Battle of the Bands, featuring Lady Gaga, Broadway show tunes, and Backstreet Boys (you should have heard me singing “Everybody” because, of course, I know every word). The whole plaza was heaving with people singing, and dancing, and treating those kids like the rock stars they are.

And, I am proud to say my daughter was just as entranced as her mama and forced us to stay until the bitter end. Everybodddddy, rock your body, ’cause Backstreet’s Back, oh YEAH! Thank you, San Francisco!

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