How to Wear Wide Legged Jeans as a Mom

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A couple of times a year, my younger sister will come over and help me go through my closet, sorting through the items that I’ve attached way too much sentimental value to and really should no longer wear (a tropical, cropped bandalero springs to mind) while mocking me back into a fashionable wardrobe. And every single time she tries to convince me to give away my wide-legged jeans and every time I put down my foot (heeled, usually, because you need the height with the extra width).

And can I tell you how glad I am I followed my (potentially outdated) heart? Because, baby, they’re back!

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Wide legged jeans are everywhere right now and, I know what you’re thinking, but won’t they make me look enormous? Plus, what do I wear them with? And can you really wear them with kids?easy mom fashion with wide leg pants and cheetah sweatshirt - Fabulistas-5

Okay, first, they do take a little bit more effort than skinnies, but I think the pay off is big, because they are so cool and a completely different look. I almost always wear mine with heels, otherwise, they do have a tendency to shorten you. BUT, with heels, they really lengthen your legs and can make you look, gasp! skinnier.

They also apparently help you drown out the cries of your child who is screaming again because now he wants your help riding his bike, even though 30 seconds ago he was crying because you were helping him.

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Figuring out what to wear them with them has been my biggest challenge. With my old, pre-kids body, I would have thrown on a crop top and called it a day. With my newly enhanced stomach, I need more coverage so I’ve been opting for items that fall just below my waist to cover my stomach, yet aren’t so long they make me look sloppy. The effect is a bit boxy, which I don’t mind because I have the extra height (if I were wearing sneakers with them, I feel like it wouldn’t work because it would veer into dumpy).

I also have been wearing them with shirts tucked in (to create the illusion of a waist) with a long cardigan or vest over it to cover my rear and hips.

I think the key to wider legged jeans is balance. If you go too big on top, you risk looking sloppy and bigger than you are; if you go too tight, you’ll probably look out of proportion and again bigger on bottom than you are. The goal is to balance the volume of the legs with an easy top that covers. (I feel like I made this way harder than it needs to be, but I want everyone to try them! I’ll try and take some more photos so we can all get on the wide-legged train.)

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Now, for the big question – can you still perform your mom duties while wearing them? Check being able to help your son ride his trike if he will let you and you don’t mind doing it in heels.

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Check for that moment 15 seconds later when he decides there is nothing quite as insulting as having your mom help with your trike.

I like to think of them as “wide legged jeans, as versatile as moms have to be.”

Photos by Erica Bean Photography.

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