Content Whiz is a step-by-step course for creating consistent content that works on any platform, speaks to the heart of your ideal customer, and frees up your time so you can be present in your life. 


create a reusable editorial calendar that speaks directly to your ideal customer. 



Finally figure out who you're talking to, what to say to them, and how to get it all done so you can show up in front of your customers consistently!



Listen, we all know that if you have an online business you pretty much have to be creating content, right?

It's still the best, cheapest, and fastest way to get in front of your customers, but, OMG, who knew it was going to become a full-time job? Not to mention, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and who can predict? 

Which starts the brain going... 

I don't even know if anyone even wants to hear from me! Why am I wasting my time?!?! 

That one time I posted a photo of my kid on the slide and it got a ton of likes so I should just do that again, maybe?

Maybe I just need to pay someone a lotta money to handle all of this because I don't know what I'm doing.

I'm just going to hide away for a couple of months until I stop feeling so embarrassed and then I'll learn what I need to learn.


You are too powerful and your business is too important
to languish away simply because you don't know
who you're talking to or what to say. 

You are too powerful and your business is too important
to languish away simply because you don't know who you're talking to or what to say. 



AKA, you posting consistent content that speaks directly to the people who want to buy from you in a way that feels easy, doable, and, dare I say, FUN?!?!?

You, as a Content Whiz, have a plan in place (hello, yearlong content calendar!) of reusable content that will work year after year and you could actually HAND OFF TO SOMEONE. 


Hell yes, I'm ready to find out how Content Whiz can give me the tools, framework, and support to finally take content creation off my daily to do list!


Hell yes, I'm ready to find out how Content Whiz can give me the tools, framework, and support to finally take content creation off my daily to do list!

Nailed down exactly who your ideal customer is and what they want from you

By the end of Content Whiz

you will have:

Determined what networks you should be hanging out on for the most bang for your buck (bonus: it's where your ideal customer is and where it'll be easy to show up consistently!)

Mastered the different types of content and brainstormed your own lists so you're never again wondering what to post

Created a full editorial calendar you can reuse year after year (after year)

Scheduled one piece of content multiple ways so you can finally get off the content creation hamster wheel

Developed an umbrella sentence, which you can apply to all of your marketing to make sure it's on brand and speaks to your ideal customer

Learned how to automate your processes to get it all done and out the door

"Kara leads the way when it comes to showing up as your unique and best self on social media. I simply loved Content Whiz because it had everything I needed to feel comfortable, plus the fun of learning from the best."

What people are saying about CONTENT WHIZ

"Kara leads the way when it comes to showing up as your unique and best self on social media. I simply loved Content Whiz because it had everything I needed to feel comfortable, plus the fun of learning from the best."

Whether you're... 

a brick-and-mortar business owner who knows having an active online presence can drive sales and exposure, but is too overwhelmed to post regularly (or even knows where to start!). 

an online educator or influencer, who has big plans, but feels stuck on the hamster wheel of content creation and is ready to automate the process and reclaim their time.

an online business owner, who posts regularly, but isn't sure of what to say, how to say it, or if it even matters.

a busy mom who feels like there aren't enough hours in the day and is ready to end the push and pull between her phone and her kids. 


But wait!

You're in the right place!


You know the ones who are obsessed with what you're selling and waiting, credit card in hand? They're out there, pinkie swear.

To get started, you'll take a deep dive into several successful brands so you can start to understand what makes a brand obsession-worthy. We break it all down in an easy-to-understand format that will set you up for success when you apply the same principles to your brand.

Then you'll walk through a step-by-step process to create your own "umbrella sentence." This sentence is gold, and can help you determine if your content is on brand (customers feel heard!) or off the mark (crickets). 

By the end of this module, you'll know exactly who you are speaking to and how to speak to them.


Create an "umbrella sentence" to apply to your marketing to determine if it's on brand and serves your ideal customer

Develop a deep understanding of what makes a brand obsessive-worthy so you can start applying the same principles to your business

Discover the biggest problem your ideal customers are facing and how you can best solve it with your product or service

Determine how you'll speak to your customers in a way that is authentic to your brand and sets you apart from your competitors

Who are your peeps?

What's included:


Imagine you’re at a cocktail party and you decide you have to talk to everyone there. All night you hustle from group to group, skimming the surface, and never going too deep because you’ve got to hit everyone.

That’s kind of what it’s like when you feel like you have to show up on every social network.

Instead wouldn’t it be better to have a few meaningful convos that lead to lunch the next day and dinner next week?

That is what this module will teach you. 

In Module 2, you’ll find your online sweet spots - places where your ideal customer is hanging out and you can show up easily and consistently. 

By the end of this module, you'll know exactly where you're posting, what posting style you're using, and how often.


Learn the places you absolutely need to be showing up and where you can let go of

Get clear on the different styles of content creation, including the pros and cons of each type

Commit to a style of content creation that best fits your talents and business type and the best networks to support it

Figure out exactly where your customers are hanging out so you can meet them there



How many days have you stared at the blank screen wondering what to post? Maybe my lunch? Maybe my kids? Does all of this EVEN MATTER?

No more, my friend!

In Module 3, you'll learn the six key types of content with plenty of examples to make it all stick. You'll determine which of the six you'll double-down on and which you'll skip, and put it all into practice in an epic content brainstorming session.

By the end of this module, you'll understand the six different types of content, will have committed to your top 2-3, and will have a list in hand of post ideas. 


Learn why content is less like a catalog and more like a newspaper (remember those? 😂) 

Discover the two most important types of content and why almost every brand is one or the other

Get a handle on the other four major types of content and how they might work for your brand

Map out which categories you'll commit to and start generating ideas for each type of content

WHAT do you say to your peeps?


This is where the rubber meets the road and you get to put all the goodies together. 

Now, this isn't any content calendar. This is a living, breathing document that when used correctly can free up your life and time. It will work with social networks not yet dreamed up, can help you determine what to post during consuming current events, and keep you connected to your brand's greater mission. 

Wow. That's a lot for a Google Sheet. 😂

You'll learn to use our Year Overview model, which lets you to reuse your content year over year. You’ll leave with a plan in hand that you can start implementing immediately. And you’ll have tools that allow you to create content easily, never run out of ideas, and speak directly to your customer’s heart. 

By the end of this module, you'll have a completed content calendar for at least one month that you can reuse year over year, plus you'll have an easy roadmap for building content going forward. 


Get your hands on an easy-to-fill out editorial calendar that is literally plug-and-play and can be reused each year

Complete a year overview that includes your business' key events, plus our secret category that will get to the heart of your customer

Learn our Anchor Post method where you create posts once and reuse them in multiple places

Map out a month's worth of content with an easy guide for creating content moving forward



You've got your content calendar in hand and a new lease on life (no more content overwhelm!), and now it's time to put it out into the world.

This is the last place we want you to get stuck, so we've put together everything we could think of to make the process easy and pain-free. You'll learn how to batch your content so you can get ahead, the best tools for creating and automating, and we'll even dive headlong into the fears that might stop you and how to overcome them.

By the end of this module, you'll know the best practices and tools for creating consistent content (and putting it out in the world) and you'll be ready to unleash your content on the world! 


Master hands-on tips and tools for easily getting your content creation done and out into the world

Discover the best tools for automating the process (and what you should and shouldn't put on auto-pilot!)

Uncover what might undermine your success and ways to power through like a champ who gets it done! 

Get 'er done




I'm In for 3 x $137



A ONE-time payment of 

*Pricing will increase to $497 after January 1

5 implementation modules showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to set up a consistent content calendar that speaks directly to your customers and raving fans.

When you enroll during this special,
limited time period
, you'll get:

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,
you'll get:

An easy-to-use, plug-n-play editorial calendar that you can reuse year after year and takes the worry of content creation off your plate FOR-EVAH.

An easy-to-understand breakdown of ways of looking at content (including different content types) so you are never again left wondering what to post.

Tried and tested methods for getting your content out the door and busting through the fears that might be holding you back so you can relegate content creation to where it belongs - a helpful tool for growing your business.

We recommend taking 5 days to complete the course - one module a day over the course of a week - so you can thoroughly implement each Module before moving on. We find slowing it down a bit helps stop the overwhelm that can stop us in our tracks.

Having said that, you will receive immediate access to all modules so you decide what's best for you!

And you have access for FOREVER (and any updates) so take your time and go through the modules as often as you need.


You didn't think we'd skip adding more juicy, helpful tools, did you?


What You'll Get:

Once a week Q + A Zoom sessions during our 5 Working Weeks.
I want to be sure you are never get stuck or overwhelmed. So we'll meet every Monday for 5 weeks to keep you moving.

Answers to your burning questions and specific issues.
We'll look at your actual content to see what is working and where it can be improved. You are not alone!

This bonus alone is worth the price of admission!
I normally charge a lot of money for this (and am not sure I'll do it again!) so it's a great chance to get experienced eyes on your content!

5 WEEKS of live q&a sessions with kara

You are not alone! Keep the momentum going with our Q + A sessions, designed to keep you moving and on point. 


So, I've created the ultimate BLANK PAGE BUSTER!

Fill in the blanks to easily generate blog posts, emails, scripts, even social posts. 
Use our template to get it done.

Write copy that is on brand, speaks to your peeps, and keeps them wanting more.  
And did I mention it's a fill-in-the-blank template?  


Looking at an empty page, when you know you need to write, can be overwhelming, demoralizing, and turn the best of us into a procrastination machine.

Plus, you'll be backed BY AN UNBEATABLE GUARANTEE:


I truly believe Content Whiz is AMAZING and the best tool out there for figuring out who your audience is, what to say to them, and how to deliver it consistently over time.

And I know I sound like a used car salesman, but it is seriously so good and I'm dying to have you try it because I KNOW IT WORKS! (I use it still with my own content!)

So, really go for it!

Dig into the material and get your content calendar up and running. And if you don't feel a significant shift in the way you feel about your content strategy, then I insist you get your money back. 100% of it. 

It's simple: Join the class and try it for yourself. If you are still drowning in content, send me an email. Show me your completed exercises and content calendar and I'll refund your money. 

This guarantee is for 14 days, which means you can complete the entire course and make sure it's right for you. Boo-yah.




I'm In for 3 x $137



A ONE-time payment of 

*Pricing will increase to $497 after January 1

*Pricing will increase to $497 after January 1

I'm just getting started with my business. Will this be too advanced?


Content Whiz is the perfect class if you're just starting out. Because we help you figure out who your ideal audience is and where to talk to them, you can save yourself loads of trial and error. It is the perfect place to get started. 

NOTE: We will NOT be covering the technical side of social networks and publishing tools, but can recommend other resources.

I've been in the content game a long time. Will this be too basic?

If you are easily producing content that is hitting the mark and converting to sales, this probably isn't the class for you.

But, if you find you can't seem to get ahead in the content game, want a brush up on who you're talking to, or just need to streamline all your ideas and content, this class definitely has something for you.

When I join Content Whiz, will I get immediate access to all the modules?

Yes! As soon as you purchase, you will get an email with your log in info so you can get going.

Our 5 weeks of Live Learning will start Monday, January 16th where you'll have the opportunity to work modules live and participate in weekly Q + As with Kara.

Will you be going over techniques to grow my followings / page views / subscribers?

Fast answer: No. 

Having said that, the best way to grow over time is to create and publish content consistently. This class will help you do that in an easy and sustainable way. 

What's the big deal with a content calendar? Do I really even need one?

Creating content on the fly is awesome until life hits. Suddenly, the kids are home from school, or you can't think of anything to post, or your phone dies so you can't take photos and so you start skipping days and before you know it, you can't figure out how to jump back in. 

A content calendar can keep you on track and ahead of the game so life's hiccups don't affect your schedule. And, if you do it right, you can hand it off to someone else so you can focus on the big stuff. 

Have a question we missed?

Click here to send us an email and we'll get back to you right away!

How long do I have access to Content Whiz?


That way you can take your time and review any parts you might need to hear a second time. 

You will also receive access to any future updates we make.

You are ready to (finally!) get your business in front of
your customers on a regular basis. 

You are ready to (finally!) get your business in front of your customers on a regular basis. 

Still thinking about it?

You should give Content Whiz a 14 day risk-free try if you're motivated by any of the following:

Enough flaffin' around. You know that one of the keys to a successful business is showing up consistently and staying top of mind. You're ready to put in the work on your content so your customers and clients see a dependable, trustworthy, consistent business owner.

You want to be present in your life and not tied to your phone.

Life moves pretty fast and you don't want to miss out because you're trying to decide if you should post a photo of your meal. You're ready to put in the work so you can put your phone away and give your life the full attention it deserves. 

You're ready to focus on the big picture in your business and dedicate your time to items that move the needle.

Content creation is a necessary part of running a business, but it shouldn't be the only part (even if you're a full-time creator like me). You are ready to get clear, get organized, and pass a fully realized plan on to someone else so you can focus on other things. 

You're ready to start showing up consistently.

You know your message and business needs to be out in the world and you are ready to show up and be visible, consistently, in front of the people who are wishing you'd solve their problem.

I've been a content creator for over 10 years, but never a consistent one.

I'd get all excited and post for a couple of weeks (or even months) and then lose steam when life got in the way or I wasn't sure what to post.

Time would creep on and I'd feel guilty until finally I couldn't handle it anymore and I'd post, only to repeat the process over again.

Taking the time to really figure out who I'm talking to and my over-arching purpose has given me the confidence to stay the course, while using a content calendar has allowed me to get ahead and plan for life's bumps. 

If you're a small business owner, a coach, a service professional, or even a content creator, you owe it to yourself to get off the content hamster wheel and try my class, risk-free for 14 days.

Everything I do is with an eye on helping women create more connection, purpose and joy in their lives by showing up consistently.

This class is a small step in that direction - a chance to connect meaningfully with your customers and put your purpose fully into the world, all while giving yourself the space to create joy.

Who knew a content calendar could do all that?!?

Hope to see you inside!


I can't wait to connect with you and help make content creation easy and fun!





I'm In for 3 x $137



A ONE-time payment of 

*Pricing will increase to $497 after January 1

*Pricing will increase to $497 after January 1