Fancy Sweatshirts: Best Mom Item EVER

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All right, gals, I’m about to give you the best Mom fashion gift ever: THE FANCY SWEATSHIRT. You know the intersection between “looking like you give you a damn” and “so comfy it’s like you’re sitting on your couch”? That’s where the Fancy Sweatshirt resides.

You get all the accolades that normally come with wearing, say, heels, but still feel cozy and comfortable because it’s A SWEATSHIRT! And this is why it is my go to pretty much all Winter. It’s easy, it’s comfy, and, damn, Mama, you look smokin’. ????

In fact, I wear them so much they’ve kind of become my “thing”, in that everyone sends me Fancy Sweatshirts they find, which I then have to buy because, omg, fine, I’m obsessed with them, which I then wear all the time, which encourages people to send me more links and the CYCLE CONTINUES.

Because, really, the only issue with fancy sweatshirts is they take a bit more work to hunt down than your average hoodie. Over time I’ve built up quite a collection (most of these shown I’ve bought over the past five years); when I see a unique one I tend to buy it because what if I pass on this tiger sweatshirt and then later need to feel fierce and I don’t have the goods to back it up?

The Golden Girls’ sweatshirt is a prime example – I went to buy it for a friend and the company is no longer around. Learn from my experience, little grasshopper, and buy your fancy sweatshirts while they’re available!

Now, the big question is always, “What do I wear it with?!?!” and to that I say EVERYTHING. Let’s do a brief rundown.

You could wear your Fancy Sweatshirt with:

  • Leggings and short boots, which is how I usually wear my Golden Girls one since it’s on the bigger side.
  • Colorful pants and white mules, which is how I wear the above floral number. Dressy, pink pants to be exact. ????????
  • Jeans and sneakers, which is what I typically throw on with the other numbers because they’re a bit more casual.
  • Sweatpants and flip-flops in Spring when I don’t know what to wear because the weather is chilly, but not that chilly and shoes feel like too big of a commitment, but shorts feel over-exposed, and really should I be drinking hot coffee or iced coffee and when did life get so confusing!?!??!

Ahem. Basically, they go with everything, dressy or casual, which is why they are a Mom Gift, akin to the first woman discovering elasticated pants and realizing she could eat as many slices of pizza as she wanted without having to worry about her pants falling down because she’d forgotten she’d unbuttoned the top button. #lifechanging

So what do you gals think? Have I talked you into it? Are you ready to rock out with your jeans and FS? I’ve linked to a few below that are either similar to ones I’ve shown you or I’ve been eyeing (that Dolly one is EPIC). Don’t let them pass you by!

Yellow and Pink Chevron Sweatshirt // Black with Embroidered Flowers // Grey Ruffled Sweatshirt //  All Dolly’d Up Sweatshirt by Passive Juice Motel // Floral Sequins // No Bad Days Sweatshirt

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Photos by my human equivalent of a Fancy Sweatshirt, MILOU AND OLIN PHOTOGRAPHY.

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