Now I REALLY Want a Baby: Summer Baby Girl Essentials

Wasn’t yesterday’s post so fun with all the little baby boy clothes and that cowboy hat which was just to die for, right? I just love a baby boy in…BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. Give me the good stuff. You know what I’m talking about – BABY GIRL CLOTHES! I need me some ruffles and bloomers and I certainly won’t mind if you throw in a little bit of crochet. Old-Navy-baby-girl-summer-essentialsSo much better, right? I feel like there’s nothing a little gingham bloomer set can’t fix.

Linkage: This crocheted dress is obviously an essential. I mean what else is she going to wear to park and the grocery store and 4th of July? // The only time you can get away with this matchy-matchy of an outfit is when your legs are squeezable and dimply and that’s considered a good thing. // These sandals would go with everything, plus they’re super on-trend with the whole Southwest thing, which obviously is very important for your less-than-one-year old. // Straw hats are adorable on babies, but I really like this one because I feel like it’d block the sun and you could still see their chubby cheeks. // I swear I had this romper when I was little, didn’t you? // Something just struck me. My daughter is obsessed with wearing frilly things and I consider ruffled bloomers a staple of any baby’s wardrobe. You do the math.

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