Is it time to make a pivot? (Even though it might suck)


A lot of times we hear gurus talking about how they “made a pivot” and it always sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

Like they were running a hot dog company and then one day realized they wanted to be an astronaut and so now they’re flying around space and living their best life and encouraging you to do it too.

What they don’t (probably) tell you is how confusing and overwhelming the leap from hot dog guy to astronaut felt when they were in it.

When all their friends were like, “But, dude, you’re the Hot Dog King! You’ve worked so hard to get here!”, which makes him wonder if he should be giving up this sure thing.

Or the family that’s admonishing her because “hot dogs are in our blood” and it feels like she’s turning her back on her legacy.

And then there’s all the late night wondering if it’s too late, if she’s too old, if being an astronaut is actually a viable occupation, if she’ll regret making the choice later and walking away from what she’s always known.

It’s a veritable minefield of fear, expectations, and the unknown.

So why do it? Why take the leap when it’s hard, you already have so much to do, and it’s easier to just keep putting relish on the dogs?

Because there’s some small part of you that knows there’s more. That knows when you get that little voice that won’t shut up (no matter what you do) you eventually have to give in and try or wonder for the rest of your life.

I’ve had the voice several times in my life – with people I dated, when I needed to move, when it was time to leave jobs, when it was time to end different relationships.

And every single time it has been a struggle to pivot because there’s always a catalogue of practical reasons to keep things the same and only a “feeling” to make the change.

Yet, as soon as I committed to the change, things would get easier. Not perfect, but always easier.

For the past year, this voice has been a persistent, little stinker.

I’ve been working and working on my content class, creating webinars to go with it, coaching people around content, and the voice just won’t shut up.

Start talking to people about your mental health journey! Start life coaching again! Double down on your writing and speaking! Start leading groups so moms can show up with more joy and genuineness!

And at every turn, I have a million reasons why I’m not qualified, I’m too old, too boring, too talentless, too anything you can imagine. Plus, content is a sure thing! Everyone needs content, right?

Except if I’m honest, it’s taken me a full year to write and release ONE CLASS and the whole time it’s felt like I’m dragging a wagon of toddlers up a hill. At nap time. When they’re hungry. And they all need a diaper change.

With it being the New Year, I’ve been reflecting and one day had the thought: What if I just gave up the content class? What if I just stopped doing it, and talking about it, and worrying about it?

Oh, the freedom I felt.

All of the sudden, I had a million new ideas for how this next year could look. I almost immediately sat down and started writing. Most importantly, work started to feel easy. Like really easy.

Yes, I keep worrying I’ve made a huge mistake (I can always launch it at a later date), I keep feeling guilty that I spent all of this time on something I’m not using (I learned a ton in the process), and I’m terrified I will fall flat on my face (pretty much guaranteed), but I also feel excited about work for the first time in a long time.

Pivots are messy. Pivots are nerve-wracking. And they are worth it, pinkie swear.

You are amazing and absolutely worth whatever is in your heart.

xx. Kara


Is there a place in your life where you can hear your voice whispering and you need to start to listen?

And, remember, you don’t have to go whole hog right away!

You can listen and explore the idea a bit: What would it actually look like to change? What would it feel like? What would it require?

Tell me below what the whisper is saying!

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