Family Halloween Costume: Superhero Family with Super Mom and Super Dad


I’ve gotta tell you guys, this year’s family Halloween costume was a bit of a challenge. Last year, when Alice said she wanted to be Annie my head and heart exploded because it was a lifelong dream to be Ms. Hannigan and I knew Bennett would be an adorable, baby Daddy Warbucks; the year before, Alice wanted to be Wendy from Peter Pan and, of course, I was happy to be Captain Hook (is this starting to sound like Halloween is all about me? Because it totally is.)

This year though, both the kids had opinions (ARGH! Kids with opinions at Halloween!) and they were definitive: Superheroes.


The kids’ costumes were easy. For a hot second, I thought about making costumes for them and really jazzing it up, but Alice was very specific that her costume look EXACTLY like the “real” Supergirl, which turns out is code for “shiny”, and my DIY talents are limited to enhancing what’s already there, so, in the end, my dear friend Amazon came through for me again.


For me and Chris though I was stumped. I’m not really a sexy Catwoman kinda gal (thank you, childbirth) and I tend towards funny at Halloween so I thought maybe we could be villains, but the kids are not into scary right now and I wanted them to actually hang out with us.

And then as I was washing dishes for the 400th time of the day (this is totally true) I thought “Super Mom” because THAT IS WHAT WE ARE and we should at least get credit for it one day of the year, right? Plus, I like to toot my own horn and am really hoping people will come up and say, “Wait, why didn’t you dress up this year?” HILARIOUS, right?!?!


And because I have the coolest husband ever, he was 100% on board and fully embraced his Super Dad status. (Have I mentioned this is one of the main reasons I married him? He’s always up for dressing up – see Sandy in Annie and Tick-Tock in Peter Pan – and commits fully to the role.)


For the most part, I tried to keep it as simple (and inexpensive) as possible and bought a few things (list below) and then scrounged the rest from around the house. The one thing I did make was the t-shirts; I bought some cheapies at Target, downloaded the Alba Super font for free, and then ironed them on.


For our tool belts, I bought us each one on Amazon and then filled them up with random stuff I found around the house that I use in my daily super-mom-ing.


Because I’m also a Super Nerd, I tried to make each of ours slightly indicative of that we actually use. For example, you’ll notice mine doesn’t have Legos while Chris’ does because I was informed that my Lego houses look like Lego boxes but “to keep trying, Mom.”


Want to know the other awesome part about this costume? It’s not too late! Order all the bits and pieces on Amazon, throw on a t-shirt and skirt, take five minutes to fill up your tool belt and, like the true superhero you are who gets life done, you are GOOD TO GO. Go Team Super Family!

On me and Chris: superhero cape // superhero mask // tool belt // white t-shirts // iron on transfer paper in white

Kids’ costumes: Batman (which has a cape but someone refused to wear) // Supergirl (which has boots, but someone refused to wear)

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Photos by the always astounding Milou and Olin Photography.

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