A Super-Easy Sibling Present That's Meaningful and Awesome, Perfect for Sibling's Day

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Did you guys know this weekend is National Sibling’s Day? Now, I think this whole “days” thing has gotten a bit out-of-control and outside of Donut Day, Coffee Day, Pie Day, Mother’s Day, Cream Puff Day, Ice Cream Sandwich Day, and I Want You to Be Happy Day, my roster is full. But, Sibling’s Day? A day that celebrates those people that make you laugh the hardest and drive you the craziest? Oh, sign me up.

Because here’s the thing about these two. They drive each other nuts (all Bennett has to do is say High School Musical is “stinky” and they’re off), but they are 100% best friends. They take surprisingly good care of each other for their ages, can spend hours together pottering around, and always have each other’s back. I don’t know how much I’ve had much to do with it, but it’s what I’m most proud of as a parent and I’m more than happy to take full credit.

brother and sister colorful tshirts for birthdays - Fabulistas

When I was thinking about how to celebrate Sibling’s Day, I wanted it to be meaningful (not just another random toy) and something that further bonded them so when the The Talking Shirt sent me these awesome t-shirts, it was like the heavens opened up and handed down the perfect gift – the kids look adorable, the shirts nail the way they feel about each other, and, best of all, the kids get to dress alike without one of them compromising their style. #dreamcometrue

brother and sister goofing off for siblings day - Fabulistas

Because I love surprises, I had each of the kids wrap up the other one’s tee, but didn’t tell them they would be getting one also. They’re still little so it was a big shock that they had matching t-shirts and how crazy is the world that we both gave each other the same gift?!? What’s next? A bunny that brings us chocolate in the middle of the night?!?

brother and sister tshirts for sibling day - FabulistasBut, ladies and gents, I didn’t stop there. No! I completely lost my mind and created a downloadable (you can get yours here) for the kids to fill out with five reasons their brother or sister is the coolest. My thought is this is something we’ll do each year as a way to check in and see how their friendship evolves over the years, and, possibly, remind them of the importance of their friendship if it hits a rough patch.

my sister is the coolest worksheet and tshirt for siblings - FabulistasRight now it’s based on trucks, hugs, and the fact Bennett plays fairly, which all seem like excellent reasons to be besties.
brother and sister tshirts to celebrate siblings day - FabulistasAll in all, this was one of those celebrations where it took almost no effort on my part, but had a huge bang for my buck. We have a keepsake, the kids have adorable new shirts to remind them to stop hitting your sister with a pretend hammer because, she’s right, she’s not a wall (close enough), and I got a little reassurance that all the worry and admonishment to love each other is paying off.

I’d say add Sibling’s Day to your calendar because it’s a win all around…

My brother or sister is the coolest t-shirts: c/o The Talking Shirt (use the code KEEPTALKING for 20% off!)

Downloadable of my brother/sister is the coolest because…

Photos by the amazing Milou and Olin

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    I LOVE this post! Such a fantastic way to learn how to communicate love to each other!

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