5 Minute Fun with Kids: Hit the No Button

I don’t know if you guys have this in your house, but my kids are really into the word Yes.

Like I’ll ask them to set the table and they’re all, “YES! Can we, Mom?” Or I’ll ask if they’d rather have a peanut butter and jelly or ham sandwich in their lunch and they’re all, “YES! You are the best mom EVER for asking me! I’d love either one!” Or I tell them it’s time to take a shower and they absolutely race to the shower, yelling, “YESSSSSSS!” because they love doing exactly what I tell them as soon as I ask.


Ahhh. That was fun, wasn’t it?

I think we all know that NO is every kids’ favored word, no matter the circumstance.

“Hey, kid, want to live in a castle made of delicious ice cream?”

“No! I mean, what did you say?”

So, I say you embrace it and go all in with this hilarious No Button (affiliate link), which weirdly makes me feel way better.


I like to use it and ask my kids questions like, “Are you planning on growing a horn out of your head later today?” or “Were you the person who started the lollipop garden in the backyard?”

Or it’s also fun to ask them stuff like “Are your eyes blue?” (they are), and then when they hit the button freak out because I THOUGHT THEY WERE BLUE!!!! (See? So fun and so easy.)

Turns out they LOVE hitting the button and telling me no. Weird.

Other times I will stand at the kitchen sink and hit the button for every single question they ask me. The guy who does the voiceover has a plethora of different ways to say no so it really keeps things moving along.

“Mom, can we…” No, no, no, no, no!

“But, we really want to…” NOOOOOOOO!

“Mom, I’m trying to ask you a question!” Nah, nope, no, nada!

(I feel like this one is more fun for me than them, ya NO?) ????

We’ve actually had so much fun with it, we gave one to everyone for Christmas last year. Did they like it? NOOOOOOOO! Man, the hilarity never ends around here. ????

What do you guys think? Are you on board with it? You going to get your own No Button? You better not say “no.”


Photos by Milou and Olin Photography


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