Mom-Approved: Floral Topshop Jumpsuit, Ready for Date Night

There is a very good chance you are sick to death of my driveling on about jumpsuits. Believe me, I totally understand (as do my husband, sister, best friend, and anyone who’s come within 50 feet of me this past year). If that’s the case, may I interest you in some winged sandals? Or perhaps direct you towards a last-minute Halloween costume that will bring down the house? 

When I was in Denver I had, what I thought was, a brilliant idea. My sister is a photographer so I thought – ding! ding! – why don’t I have her take some of my outfit photos? I mean, why not, right? I’ll tell you why not. Because this crowd is a bossy bunch.

First, please notice the adorableness of my jumpsuit. Ready for date night, for sure. And those heels? Total rock star. Oh, and the sister in the window because she’s so nosy she can’t stay back for the three seconds it takes to take the photo? Let’s just say Kate Moss never had to work in these conditions.


So then I wanted to show you all how this jumpsuit/heel combo is so easy to wear you can even drag around a car seat (because, this is the sort of thing moms want to know, am I right?). They told me I was making weird faces.


Fine. Let’s get some shots of just my shoes. There was so much negotiation going on we ended up with 37 different shoe shots and no agreement. I either looked like I was “going hiking”, was “too ballerina” (first time for everything), or looked “too symmetrical” (because my feet were, I don’t know, next to each other?).  These are “pigeon-toed” but I’ve gotta show you something. gold-heels-flower-jumpsuit-fashion

The one thing we could all agree on was the bracelets all rocked, mainly because they’re hoping I’ll leave them to one of them in my will.bracelet-layers-hanging-cool-floral

I know some of you have rockin’ date nights and might end up dancing on a bar or rolling around on your bear skin rug or, at very least, pretending to be sexy on your neighbor’s driveway so I felt it was important to show you this jumpsuit will persevere in any condition. They warned me not to fall over and hurt myself.


These people don’t know me at all.



Awesome jumpsuit that is STILL $30!!!: Top Shop // Best gold heels on the planet: Rebels Yola // Spiky bracelet: C Wonder c/o my dearest Cathleya // other bracelets: vintage // sisters: irreplaceable, even though they can be a pain in the rear

Photos by my favorite sister (today): Jessica Swift Photography

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